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Everything I do originates from the classic spray paint art techniques straight from the streets!


This style of painting is what first inspired me to become an artist, and to this day, setting up kerbside and painting this style of art live is where I feel at home.


From portraits and characters to logos and text, I can stencil it!

A common misconception is that this type of art is a shortcut, but nothing could be further from the truth! Multi-layered stencil designs can have an almost infinite number of layers and can take hours or even days to design and cut before any paint hits the canvas. It’s the only way to use spray paint to achieve detail on a small scale, and it offers a unique style of its own. I typically combine multi-layered stencils with other techniques to make each piece truly unique.


When my back starts to ache, I stand and shoot forwards!

Murals make the biggest statements in homes, on the street, and in commercial settings too! All murals are hand-painted and custom-designed to suit the specific space, taking into account any street or home furniture, the shape and size of the wall, and even connecting walls that could be utilised.

To view my full portfolio, click below.
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